Our Story

50 years ago my family emigrated to America from Italy in pursuit of the American Dream. I grew up in Cleveland Ohio a melting pot of different people , food and culture. I remember my father telling me about how he started out at the bottom working in different restaurants in Italy. and how cooking was his passion.

The love of the restaurant business has been in my blood for many years.

When I was just a young man, I remember my father saying to me how he wanted to open up his own restaurant. It was my father’s dream. We had been in America only for a few years and he did not speak English very well . We did not have much money. Being the oldest , I enlisted to help. We pulled the rest of the family together and we opened our first successful restaurant in Cleveland , Ohio.

Later we moved to California. A climate more suitable to the climate he remembered as a child. We opened our first restaurant in South Laguna and later moved to our current location in Capistrano Beach.

Agostino's in Capistrano Beach California. Join us for Dinner, Parties, Banquets and Celebrations!

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