The Culinary Zone features products from Levitare Chef tools and Cookware

The Levitare Brand believes in elevating the experience in the kitchen by creating user friendly products that help you achieve your full Culinary Potential.

The LEVITARE  Multi Pot

The LEVITARE Self-Draining Multi Pot is a very unique and useful addition to your kitchen. With a simple lift and turn, the basket  mounts above the pot for hands free draining, allowing you to accomplish other tasks in the kitchen while your food stays warm.  Gone are the days of pouring boiling water into a strainer over the sink. US  Patent #8707859

Mirrored Stainless Steel, Encapsulated Base, 3-Piece Set

$89.00     Call 949-422-2973 to order

3 in 1 Nested Cutting Boards

The unique design of these cutting boards allows the smaller boards to stow underneath the larger board. This keeps multiple boards and more than twice the cutting area right at your fingertips. Great for chopping vegetables, cutting meat, slicing bread and making drinks! Great for Kosher applications. Available in Walnut or (Lighter) Hardwood.
US Patent #D719413S. Other Patents Pending

Walnut – $99.00
Maple – $99.99
Bamboo – $45.00

To Order call 949-422-2973

The LEVITARE Spong (Spoon-Tong)

As the name implies, the Spong combines the gripping ability of a pair of tongs with scooping ability of a serving spoon. This makes it an extremely versatile tool in the kitchen. Useful for cooking and serving saucy dishes,
salads, or anywhere you’d use a regular tong. Stainless Steel.

$10.00 To Order call 949-422-2973

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