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Italian Dishes

The best Italian food outside of Italy and our favorite in Dana Point. The "divine ravioli" is truly divine. Thank you for a perfect meal Agostino's! We are celebrating!! ~Lisa R. on Facebook

A Story is told

about a place by the sea, nestled in the sunny hills
just under Mt. Vesuvio, where the people cherish their own food,

speak their own language, enjoy their own music and

embrace their own unique passion for life.

That place is Naples.

With its special moon lit bay, blessed with an abundance of fresh seafood, mussles, clams, calamari and shrimp. Chef Luigi DiFante and his son Agostino,

using only the freshest of seafoods and pasta enhanced by rich olive oil,

tangy garlic and tantalizing herbs exemplifies the simplicity and spirit

that is the very heart of Neapolitan cuisine.

We at Agostino's Italian Restaurant are proud to serve food that, like in the

tradition of Naples and its mystical moon lit bay,

nourishes the soul so that the world may shine

like when you have too much wine.

Sit back, enjoy the sounds of the sea, the laughter of friends

and the romance

that is truly a part of Italy.

That's Agostino's‚Äč