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Your Instructor Agostino Difante

Cost:  $ 60.00 per person   + tax             

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About the name "Culinary Zone"

We believe that taking detours builds confidence. 
Artists are known for using their creations as a way to express 
who they are.  They start with something simple, built off their knowledge of the fundamentals of their craft. At some point in the creative process, artists will branch out and do something different. It is in these little differences, or detours, that the artist creates something that is unique and original, something  that is truly their own. Chefs use the same strategy. After learning the fundamental concepts and techniques they take detours  from the basic recipe and make something new and exciting. Something that expresses their personality and creativity.

At the culinary zone, you're taught all the fundamentals you need to create amazing dishes. We encourage you feel more confidence by changing the recipes, changing the ingredients, having fun and experimenting.   
We hope to inspire you with a passion for good food and 
a love for the creative process. 

I just want to say that Augie is a sweet man and his cooking class is the best!.....Lisa, Crystal, and the bus staff I met are all friendly and experience was a delight and it is obvious that this chef/owner takes pride and honestly enjoys his restaurant and patrons!....last night I showed off pics from the cooking class to my friends and told them all to attend!.....thanks again, looking forward to seeing you all and dining in soon!
~ Reviewer Michelle R. on Facebook

"Excellent view, excellent service, excellent food!!!! Half of my family is Italian and Agostino's spaghetti tastes exactly like my grandmother's.  Very authentic Italian... our waiter's family owns the restaurant and they are all Italian. So good :) highly recommend!!"
~ Urban Spoon Orange County Diner

Your evening begins with wine and cheese at 6:00 pm in our bar and lounge.

Students then move to the main dining room, put on an apron and participate hands-on in preparing the featured recipes. Students are given their own cooking station with a butane burner and all the required tools and ingredients. They receive a copy of the featured recipes to take home, followed by dinner where they taste their creation, with discussion and celebration!

The class will consist of preparing a three course dinner.  Starting with Homemade Meatballs, Spaghetti and Meatballs, and Chicken Parmesan.

Agostinos by the Sea Ristorante Italiano
Culinary Zone Cooking Classes

Father's Day Class

Next Class:   Monday  July 10th, 2017

at Agostino's  Ristorante Italiano

Take a detour from your busy schedule and join us by the sea for a delightful evening at a Culinary Zone Cooking Class in Dana Point. Enjoy a wine and cheese reception, cooking class, then enjoy your delicious creation.  quick and easy dinner recipes, Agostinos by the Sea Ristorante Italiano Culinary Zone Cooking Class